Creating Keepsakes: One chance to get it right.


It’s quite rare in life nowadays to only get one chance at something. There’s so many options to re-do things, or fix what went wrong, but one thing you do only get one chance to get right, is having your baby’s clothes turned into a Keepsake.

A Keepsake created from baby clothes should be something you'll cherish forever. But there's no getting away from the fact that in order to create a Keepsake, clothes have to be cut. Its pretty final. So, choosing who'll be snipping into your little ones tiny babygrows should be a decision you make wisely.

Sadly, I regularly receive messages from parents who, before they found Pretty Little Polka Dot, had sent their little ones’ clothes off somewhere to have a Keepsake made, but have been unhappy with what they received back.

I'm talking, baggy, sagging blankets which almost fall apart in my hands and which have been sewn together with no consideration for the items they've been made from. 
These parents reach out to me in the hope I can take their item and transform it into one of the Keepsakes they see and love on my page.  I have, and always will, continue to do my best to help these customers. But it’s a sad fact that rectifying a poorly made Keepsake will never truly result in the same Keepsake I would originally have made for them.  I often see clothes where logos have been sliced off, and sadly no amount of unpicking and re-stitching will be able to restore them. I see clothes which have not been properly prepared, and are stretched and beyond salvageable. It’s just heartbreaking.
Before you choose
So, to make sure you end up with a beautifully made Keepsake, it’s important you choose your Keepsake maker wisely. Look carefully at their social media pages and their website.  Be sure to check out their reviews and study photos of their recent finished Keepsakes too.  It’s the little things like; do you like the style or their Keepsakes? Do the finished Keepsakes look professional? Are the seams straight, neat and tidy? How do they layout the patches?
The above considerations are on top of things such as your budget, the timescale and the size that you’d like the Keepsake to be.
Trust your instincts
This sounds a bit cliche, but it’s guidance which has always helped me and seen me through a decision. You have to really trust the individual, or company that you are sending your baby’s clothes to, because, once they’ve been transformed into Keepsake, there’s no going back.
I’ve built Pretty Little Polka Dot based on transparency; from the personal contact I have with each and every customer, to the little sneak peek photos I post along the way. I want my customers to know I really am here; available to them throughout the entire process. If you’re someone who wants to know the process, what to expect and like being kept up to date, then choose someone who offers that to you.
To me, there's nothing worse than entrusting someone with any kind of service, and not hearing anything for weeks. I feel especially strongly about this when it comes to those special baby outfits.
They’re not just clothes, they’re memories.
As I already mentioned in my Choosing baby clothes blog post, sorting through your little ones baby outfits can be an emotional process. But it should also be rewarding and exciting time too! That’s why it’s so important to be completely happy and confident in who you’re sending these precious things to.
So, whoever you choose to create your little ones Keepsake, just make sure it's a decision you've made carefully. Because, like creating the Keepsake itself, you'll only get one chance to get right.  

Love, Hayley x 

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